Department of Human Resource and Administration

The department is mainly responsible for providing administrative and logistic support services, as well as managing and developing human resource available for the efficient and effective performance of the Ministry. Read More…

 Legislative Drafting and Law Revision Department

The department drafts all the primary and secondary legislation (i.e. Bills and Statutory Instruments). It consolidates all our laws into one statute book [ideally every ten (10) years]. Its clientele are all government departments and statutory bodies.

Department of the International Law and agreements

The department attends to drawing and perusing agreements, contracts, treaties, conventions and documents as stipulated under the functions of the Attorney-General. Produces state reports in accordance with the International Human Rights Conventions under both the UN and African. Read More…

Department of Civil Litigation, Debt Collection and Prerogative of Mercy

All civil matters against government are instituted by or against the Attorney-General and not public officers who were charged with the circumstances pertaining to the case. The department also undertakes debt collection on behalf of Ministries, Statutory bodies and any government spending agency. It handles matters of clemency of prisoners.

Department of Administrator-General and Official Receiver

The department deals with estates of deceased persons (especially when there is a dispute among the various parties, on the distribution of property for the deceased), receiverships and bankruptcy. Read More…

Governance Department

The overall objective for the Governance Department is: To develop and implement governance mechanisms in order to promote application of good governance principles and practices. The objective is meant to facilitate coordinated development and implementation of governance mechanisms across all public and private sector institutions.