Department of Human Resource and Administration

The Department of Human Resource and Administration is responsible for the management and development of human resources. It shall also be responsible for the provision of administrative and logistical support services.

The Department performs the following specific functions:

a)      Managing human resource in order to enhance performance and improve productivity;

b)      Facilitating the implementation of the Performance Management System in order to ensure improved individual and institutional performance;

c)       Coordinating staff training and induction programmes in order to enhance capacity;

d)      Managing staff payroll and establishment in order to ensure effective utilisation of resources;

e)      Developing, interpreting and disseminating conditions of service in order to ensure equity in their application;

f)       Coordinating Staff welfare and wellness programmes and awareness activities in order to promote healthy living;

g)      Developing and implementing a results oriented work culture re-modeling programme in order to inculcate shared values and work culture;

h)      Facilitating the development of ICT business solutions in order to improve efficiency in operations; and

i)        Managing documentation and records in order to ensure safe storage and easy retrieval of information.