Internal Audit

The Department shall be responsible for managing the internal audit functions in the Ministry in order to enhance oversight in the management of public resources.

The Department shall perform the following specific functions:

a)      Conducting audit assignments in order to provide assurance on internal controls and governance systems;

b)      Reviewing risk management processes in the Ministry in order to ascertain their effectiveness;

c)       Providing Secretariat services to the Audit Committee in order to facilitate its operations;

d)      Monitoring the implementation of internal and external audit recommendations in order to inform decision making;

e)      Maintaining an internal audit database for easy retrieval of information;

f)       Verifying domestic arrears in the Ministry in order to provide assurance on the accuracy of information;

g)      Preparing and consolidating monthly, quarterly and annual reports for decision making;

h)      Verifying stock and assets in order to provide checks and balances in the management of public stores;

i)        Conducting Information Systems audits in order to identify risks in the adoption and use of existing and emerging technologies; and


j)        Conducting compliance audits in order to foster adherence to legislation, policies, guidelines and regulations.