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Laws of Zambia


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The Laws of Zambia

The Laws of Zambia (otherwise referred to as Acts or Statutes) were, in modern times, last revised on 31stMarch, 1997, being the date on which the 1995 edition of the Laws came into force by virtual of Statutory Instrument No. 35 of 1997. The statute book of the Zambia Laws is comprised of 26 Volumes contained in various chapters.

The Revised Laws

The Revised Edition of the Laws of Zambia is prepared in accordance with the Laws of Zambia (Revised Edition) Acts No. 9 of 1968, which empowers the Commissioner of Law Revision in consultation with Attorney – General to prepare the Revised Edition of the Laws of Zambia.  The process includes determining the laws applicable to a region, area or specific subject matter which are reviewed to determine the extent to which changes have been made over a particular period, and how best to incorporate or consolidate those changes into a comprehensive publication, i.e. a set of volumes that will reflect the law in terms of being accurate, current and timely.

Accordingly, the Revised Edition of the Laws of Zambia includes all Acts and Statutory Instruments, Consolidated, Printed and Published in accordance with the Statutory Instrument of the Specified Date Notice. The Statute book of the Laws is arranged into twenty-six (26) Volumes of the Laws of Zambia.

The Law Revision Team

The Law Revision team comprises of:

  • The Attorney -General
  • Commissioner- Law Revision
  • Assistant Commissioners -Law Revision
  • Law Revision Commissioners