The value statement for MoJ, which will shape the conduct and behaviour of staff and management, is:

 “As Ministry of Justice we pledge to carry out our responsibilities and duties with integrity, professionalism, sobriety, creativity and courteousness. In doing so we will endeavour to promote   principles of fairness and justice for all”

this value statement, MoJ will strive to ensure that the organisational character and culture is manifest in the attitude, character and behaviour of management and staff as they relate to customers for whom it is established to serve. In this regard, management will ensure that a positive work culture is inculcated and nurtured among the members of staff to ensure provision of quality services to clients.


In line with its vision statement, the Mission Statement for MoJ is:

“To Provide Legal Services, Facilitate Dispensation of Justice and Promote Governance Mechanisms; in order to uphold good Governance Principles and Practices in Zambia”

This mission statement will serve as a constant reminder to MoJ of the main reason for its continued existence. To this end, MoJ will ensure that there is a strategic fit between its mission and all ministerial programmes and budgets. This is critical if MoJ is to deliver on its mandate, achieve its goal and realise its vision.


Based on the foregoing analysis of the external and internal environment, the vision statement for MoJ is:-

“A Zambia where good Governance Practices and Principles are upheld”

The vision statement will serve as a guiding image of the success for management and staff of MoJ and a driving force for attaining the set objectives, and ultimately the goal and mission.